2013: GReece & Greek Islands

This trip was a tour of the Greek Islands first, then we flew to Crete before we started the land tour of Greece.  I met my friend Ashika that I met last year in Italy.  Our first stop was a Hamman Bath for a steam, scrubs, massages and tea before we met up with our tour group.  This was the best!  When I got out of there my complexion was so clear and I felt so relaxed.

I don't remember all the islands we went to or all the cities on the land tour but I do remember in between flying to Crete on our own.  We took a cooking class that was so fun. We had a great time learning how to make a ton of greek food and after we all ate and drank together.  One of the other days we hiked the Samaria Gorge which is the largest in Europe.  We did hike down it, which may sound easy but this was no easy hike. When we got to the bottom, the ocean and a bar were waiting for us.  Then we took a boat to catch a ride on a bus back to the hotel.  ‚Äč