2012: ITALY

This was my first time travelling to Europe and was invited by my friend Rhett.  His friend Brian was taking his mom Gerry to Italy for her birthday since she had always wanted to go and they have Italian roots.  I didn't keep a journal of the trip but I can say that it was a great trip and gave me the international travelling bug.  

The tour was through Insight Vacations for 2 weeks starting in Rome then heading north and then back south pretty much covering most of Italy.  When we were in northern Italy, we crossed the border into Switzerland for a day.  The tour director who we called mama was great, plus a lot of really awesome people on this tour.  Lots of Aussie's that we still keep in touch with that taught us a lot about abbreviating words.  Ashika is one of the Aussie's that I met on this trip, who I became good friends with and traveled to Greece the next year.

One thing I do remember from the trip was drinking a lot of wine, limoncello and beer in Sorrento, so the drive to Positano the next morning on the narrow curvy clifftop road was pretty rough.