2017: Spain & portugal (BOOKLET)

Me and the usual travel gang, Gerry, Brian & Rhett chose Spain & Portugal as our 2017 destination. I should probably keep a journal on the trip or right after while it's fresh on the brain but I didn't for this trip.  I can tell you where we went and that we had a great trip.  The trip started in Madrid, then stopped at Toledo and Avila on the way to Salamanca.  Next up was Portugal, first Porto, Fatima, Obidos, Sintra and last was Lisbon before heading back to Spain.  Headed to Gibraltar which is an independent colony under British control.  I do remember the airport there because we took a bus across the runway and I saw people walking across it.  The rest of the tour covered Granada, Valencia and ended in Barcelona.  It was refreshing to see a church that was different, the Sagrada Familia Basilica by Guadi was amazing.

After the tour ended, Rhett and I stayed a couple extra days and did day tours.  The first was 3 countries in one day with the Pyrenees in Spain, then a little town in France and a country that I didn't know existed called Andorra.  The weather that day was very odd, it was raining but still somewhat warm out and we drove in a tunnel that was thru a mountain and it was snowing on the other side.  The last day was spent going to the town where Salvador Dali was born and then to the very unique museum he designed.