future tripS

Below is a list of where I'd like to go over the next few years....

  • Croatia
  • Russia
  • Sweden & Finland
  • Africa
  • Australia, New Zealand & Fiji
  • Hike northern Scotland, Lucerne Switzerland and north of Barcelona


I love to go on an adventure every year for at least 2 weeks.  Most of my travels have been to Europe and each trip is listed below with where we went and some have links to travel booklets that I create for the trip.  The travel booklets have the itinerary, maps, foods to try, souvenirs to look for, fun facts and usually a couple crosswords.  

  • 2018 - United Kingdom & Poland
  • 2017 - Spain & Portugal 
  • 2015 - European Spotlight (London, Amsterdam, Heidelberg, Innsbruck, Venice, Lucerne, Paris)
  • 2014 - Great Britain, Scotland, Wales & Ireland
  • 2013 - Greece, Turkey & Greek Islands
  • 2012 - Italy‚Äč