This is the first trip I took by myself even though I wasn't really by myself being on a tour.  I went to London a few days before and after the tour.  I did the HOHO for a couple days to see all the major sites in London.  I went to Spitalfields craft market, a cemetery, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace which were outside of the London area.  The tour went north from London all the way up to Inverness and back around through Wales, then took the ferry across to Ireland.  We did do a Guiness factory tour where I had one or a couple and they were good.  Heavy but good.  After Ireland we took the Ferry back to Britian going to Bath and Stonehenge before getting back to London.

One thing that was kind of funny was when I was in Edinburgh, I went into a small shop and I could tell one of the ladies was from America.  We started talking and she was from Arizona but moved to Scotland.  When I told her I was from Vegas, she said "Oh, you might know my brother in law?" and in my head I was thinking she was kinda crazy thinking I'd know her brother in law.  She said his name is Dr. Wellish, and to my shock I did know him and he actually performed my Lasik eye surgery. Ha. Small world.

There was a Kiwi couple on the trip that I was very fond of, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  They were funny and he was a beer drinker, so we kept track of all the different beers we tried throughout the trip.